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May 10
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Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 7:02 AM
Easy Rider by wwwcine
Berlin Streetart by JIGdaArtist6UN5 She Nearly Died of Boredom by Captain-BlackHeart Berlin Streetart by JIGdaArtist6UN5
<da:thumb id="438846617"/> yogic flying by davespertine <da:thumb id="438846617"/>
1599 by santosam81 Better together - oils by SamanthaJordaan 1599 by santosam81 
Ironside by SepticSkeptik
Wretch by joeyv7Family Affairs by Einsilbig
Beware of Spiders by DasGhul Mgh I - Hintere Strasse by DpressedSoul Beware of Spiders by DasGhul 
<da:thumb id="450946153"/> <da:thumb id="448347651"/> <da:thumb id="450946153"/> 
In my memories , this perfume by amiejo
Blowball. by TitusTidus
Nosferatu 02 by wwwcine Nosferatu 02 by wwwcine
Rear Window by VicEberly confidence by baspunk Rear Window by VicEberly
Drive to the Moon II by lostknightkg eye curtain, spying by FabioKeiner Drive to the Moon II by lostknightkg 
3 mm distance by Menoevil Fallen stars... by ansdesign 3 mm distance by Menoevil
Recently, in the basement by arteandreas
Emotional Wastelands by Trippy4U
Selfie :) by mnsphoto
the faceless remark by rioMenor drop acid not bombs .... by chriseastmids the faceless remark by rioMenor 
.AP. by dasTOK something devious about shadows by davespertine .AP. by dasTOK 
Forest 02 by Eckenheimer faceless by partiallyHere Forest 02 by Eckenheimer 
Stormy Weather by Metal-Bender
across the grass 4 by awjay
Day of the Evil Fish 3 by EphynephrynPhlegm by HorstSchmier
The Voice No Longer Speaks by alisinwonder wave art by augenweide The Voice No Longer Speaks by alisinwonder 
<da:thumb id="451290397"/> The fly by bindii <da:thumb id="451290397"/> 
moody by R9A the shadow cast by Inextremiss moody by R9A 

Hola Buenos Aires by TeresaClark
Aici by AlexandrinaAnamoth girl ::: by katworks
river flows by Helenas-sweetheart Dust to dust by Alshain4 river flows by Helenas-sweetheart 
boundaries by marcusgravus Strands of night 2 by ltiana355 boundaries by marcusgravus 
Primary colors by martaraff Kombi Kanette by Pierre-Lagarde Primary colors by martaraff
between heaven and earth by sandpiper764
endtime. by Hamish-Frost
fantome regeneree by yageyA Simple Plan     One by Captain-BlackHeart
striation... by beans6677 l a s t   s u n r i s e by ra-gro striation... by beans6677 
Renoncule by mimomon Lei non sa by martaraff Renoncule by mimomon 
Diagonawak by fredScalliet GROW OLD WITH YOU by puken Diagonawak by fredScalliet 
Anisochoria by DimensionSeven
angels' veil by FabioKeiner
ps177 by Campo-Diaz
Urban Composition (Part 4) by Einsilbig Under the Bridge by Einsilbig Urban Composition (Part 4) by Einsilbig 
Last Greenseer by lostknightkg hot pizza by davespertine Last Greenseer by lostknightkg 
Stars Falling by tholang .toktok. by dasTOK Stars Falling by tholang 
Atlas Arena. by PaniPiorun
Surreptitious Ratatouille by Afdemridge
soulmates III by partiallyHereFly by H3ad0n
*** by oprisco Passage by pyros *** by oprisco
After My Death by JoannaRzeznikowska Sweep Away by Poromaa After My Death by JoannaRzeznikowska 
*** by oprisco days passed by kvnvk *** by oprisco
you saw it all by chriseastmids
human fly ::: by katworks
bush head ::: by katworksFitness Blog by alisinwonder
Schatten.Schichten 04 by HorstSchmier Schatten.Schichten 03 by HorstSchmier Schatten.Schichten 04 by HorstSchmier 
IntrospeKtion by insolitus85 passant by aerendial IntrospeKtion by insolitus85 
AB14 Abstract World ... 105 by Xantipa2 about colourless loneliness by xHIMSOULSx AB14 Abstract World ... 105 by Xantipa2 
Nowhere to run to I by Epytafe
the green door by augenweide
Debit and credit by freMDartetLife in the Tower by UncleGuts
Bubble Me Up And Seat Down by Bibire Follow me by MissGrib Bubble Me Up And Seat Down by Bibire 
maja ::: by katworks Quick Step by EintoeRn maja ::: by katworks 
Jeziorsko by Kleemass irruption by KizukiTamura Jeziorsko by Kleemass 
Working On A Relationship by Wetterlage
Nostalgia by katworks
april 2014 10 by EvaShoots Align by EvaShoots april 2014 10 by EvaShoots 
The Secret Place by jenniferhansen Golden Lake by KizukiTamura The Secret Place by jenniferhansen 
Untitled by JFBAYLE airs by FabioKeinerUntitled by JFBAYLE 
A sentimental journey II... by ansdesign
clown by vinoviolaTransformation in progress by katiousa15
Stardrag by siamesesam Surtr by arctoa Stardrag by siamesesam 
distance by slownumbers Spring caress by tomsumartin distance by slownumbers 
M14  Lady with Eagle by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM oh my...... by santosam81 M14  Lady with Eagle by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM 
Disappear by SheWalksInSilence
EARTH by SunSet93Density by leoatelier
Temporary, take 2 by WRDBNR
worker's day 2014 by DanStefanGolden Age of Decadence by thergothon
blind by aerendial MB2014 ... 82 by Xantipa2 blind by aerendial 
bud by virtualgadjo Oily by tholang bud by virtualgadjo
 Planks 3 by ltiana355 Hotel by lostknightkg Planks 3 by ltiana355 
M14  Lady by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoMUntitled by maliarts
memoria by Batsceba
The Lands Of Nevermore-3 by Bibire
I AM by Menoevilalma ::: by katworks
pride by baspunk Mangosteen - cubism by nerith pride by baspunk 
Demise by DasGhul <da:thumb id="449575498"/> Demise by DasGhul
l'Envol by veroklotz lost in pink by partiallyHere l'Envol by veroklotz 
Blue Monday by suellemartins
Inspiration by SheerHeartParty Girl by katiousa15
Now by LVRen
Save As 3 by OrdinaryFella Isolation by vpotemkin Save As 3 by OrdinaryFella
Atop A Dystopian Time by EPAF <da:thumb id="447082182"/> Atop A Dystopian Time by EPAF
<da:thumb id="447082182"/> Isolation by vpotemkin <da:thumb id="447082182"/> 
Ned Kelly's Duck by jojo22Shades of Autumn by MadGardens

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
I hope you like this news.
Would be perfect, if you comment and fave here for more attention.
Of course every artist would be glad, if you visit their galleries, and
watch, comment and fave afterwords.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful artists.
Enjoy the artwork of all the others... and have a nice weekend
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maliarts Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
wonderful! thank you very much...
morningstarskid Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional Artist
8-)   temporary insanity ....  :lol:
DanStefan Featured By Owner May 27, 2014   Photographer
Good evening  Christiane !
mimomon Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
Thanks, Christiane, for the "Renoncule"
Afdemridge Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Danke frs featuren! Tolle Bildauswahl! :)
alisinwonder Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
pure joy :D
belated thanks, dear :heart: 
Batsceba Featured By Owner May 19, 2014   Photographer
:wow: :clap:
Thanks Christiane, I am thinking of the effort and the pleasure with which you searched and put together all these images, all beautiful and interesting
and I'm glad that you have chosen my Memoria, :bow: :dance: :blackrose:
and sure: I am temporary born to be wild
scheinbar Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
djailledie Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Einsilbig Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Danke, Christiane!
Da sind wieder einige Leckerbissen dabei.
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