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December 13, 2013
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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 13, 2013, 5:22 AM
Trinity Forest by unerde
Iceland Noir by TCM73
Captain Sir, The Ocean Looks Weird Today..... by Bibire
forgive them by WintersRead wading bird captured by sandpiper764 akt mit kraehe by LOMO2048  
 wading bird captured by sandpiper764 <da:thumb id="412297955"/> Luja by EdgarBerg 
akt mit kraehe by LOMO2048 <da:thumb id="412297955"/> Luja by EdgarBerg Invisible Soul White and Blu by Batsceba 
Colors and shapes 3 by bubbleslayer
Trek by moppaa
room by baspunk The Fisherman's Wives by x-pyre12 Sounds - V by asiko-sand 
The Fisherman's Wives by x-pyre12 <da:thumb id="407626552"/> Black Hole Sun 3 by vodj 
Black Hole Sun 3 by vodj Sounds - V by asiko-sand <da:thumb id="407626552"/> 
The Gypsy Girl by Canankk
Cendre sans cheveux by ValentinBay
Attempt of description by Greyguardian
21st century by bubbleslayer shadowplay no34240 by aerendial Cabarita Cove..90cmx70cm.jpg2.jpg2222222222222 by glenox66 
Cabarita Cove..90cmx70cm.jpg2.jpg2222222222222 by glenox66 tower by R9A Scuba diving by amiejo 
tower by R9A  Scuba diving by amiejo  shadowplay no34240 by aerendial 
I Purge you now by kayjensen
wirbelwind by lichtfaengerin
Here's to Peace. This moment on. by Image-heart Unicum by PlaubelPecoProfia ...we always think there is going to be more time. by ChristineKalliri 
Unicum by PlaubelPecoProfia Herbsttag by BlauBeerKuchen Tall Ship's Race 5 by mimomon 
...we always think there is going to be more time. by ChristineKalliri Tall Ship's Race 5 by mimomon   Herbsttag by BlauBeerKuchen 
Fingerprint - Rain by nicolasjolly
No title by ValentinBay
Orange comme la nuit by siamesesam
Panel 4 Round 5 by djailledie a Bundle of Abstract Chaos by MushroomBrain Panel 2 Round 5 by djailledie 
a Bundle of Abstract Chaos by MushroomBrain Untitled by benjoin Play Blessure by KizukiTamura 
Play Blessure by KizukiTamura Panel 2 Round 5 by djailledie Untitled by benjoin 
What defines me by AnOtherSunrise
Blue Light Special by HippieVan57
man on the moon by aerendial <da:thumb id="415840679"/> Panel 7 Round 5 by djailledie 
Panel 7 Round 5 by djailledie Tranquility by Ham42 Panel 1 Round 5 by djailledie 
<da:thumb id="415840679"/> Panel 1 Round 5 by djailledie Tranquility by Ham42 
Pom-pom-pom by peinturealuile
our_lady_of_broken_dreams by moscaliovam
June-detail by bfaupin
canoeROSEmadder by mando-damon Into the light by JakezDaniel my_sweetest_nightmare by moscaliovam 
Into the light by JakezDaniel Inner Glimmer by OlivierAccart  August is ocher-sepia 10 by martaraff 
August is ocher-sepia 10 by martaraff my_sweetest_nightmare by moscaliovam Inner Glimmer by OlivierAccart 
Sky Island by manyakkuzu
a fan of mayhem ::: by katworks
Evolution by feigenfrucht Matrix by DasGhul Gentle rain by freMDartet 
Gentle rain by freMDartet There was a place I use to call HOME by GaiaTempe Vampire by GaylePonje 
There was a place I use to call HOME by GaiaTempe Vampire by GaylePonje Matrix by DasGhul 
fairytale by Batsceba
.CI. by dasTOK
V by djailledie
 Frostbite by DismayedSense petites Fleurs Bleues by martaraff stars_7950 by sjfbetty 
Shades of Autumn 29 by MadGardens Frostbite by DismayedSense <da:thumb id="396948817"/> 
<da:thumb id="396948817"/> stars_7950 by sjfbetty Shades of Autumn 29 by MadGardens 
I need a Friend by Hermetic-Wings
Chitwan Monsoon by LindelCaine
A glimpse at a Future's Ghost.. by chryssalis Midnight Eye by theworst24 Dust2Dust.Attractor Method.Gingerbread. by CopperColour 
years_0913 by sjfbetty  <da:thumb id="409663343"/> Midnight Eye by theworst24 
<da:thumb id="409663343"/> Dust2Dust.Attractor Method.Gingerbread. by CopperColour years_0913 by sjfbetty 
No End... No Beginning by catch---22
triptychon WIP by thomasbossert
Tint by MarijaBrasnic
BlueMoon River by Anguis-IX fortica by aerendial Where Silence Takes Me by ParallelDeviant 
fortica by aerendial Incertitudes by amiejo .z02. by dasTOK 
.z02. by dasTOK Where Silence Takes Me by ParallelDeviant Incertitudes by amiejo 
18 Sunsets by BLDRDSH
baby face 2 by awjay
21 NOVEMBRE 2013 by JFBAYLE Invincible by hummbuzz Melancholia by JakezDaniel 
Invincible by hummbuzz kailasha by FabioKeiner A defining moment by Adherance 
A defining moment by Adherance Melancholia by JakezDaniel kailasha by FabioKeiner  
Take 1 by RichardLeach
at a streatch by awjay
Above the Sea of Fog by ChiFeng-dA
Synergy by Einsilbig Self-Portrait by mldzz Letting go by MBKKR 
Self-Portrait by mldzz II by disies Life's A Delusion by Trippy4U 
Letting go by MBKKR II by disies Life's A Delusion by Trippy4U Memories by invisigoth88 
mWS or Shadow Machine by HorstSchmier
Shades of Autumn 17 by MadGardens
<da:thumb id="414611474"/> Feel by Aegis-Illustration Nothing Remarkable to Observe by ebbing-gale 
Nothing Remarkable to Observe by ebbing-gale <da:thumb id="414403951"/> forest veins of life, blacky one by ateist-kleranty 
<da:thumb id="414403951"/> forest veins of life, blacky one by ateist-kleranty  Feel by Aegis-Illustration 
Where is the soul? by alonsio
cut, shot and sexually abused by partiallyHere How To Transform by Birgit-Zartl-Art thinking of pain relief by kyri-IS-dark 
How To Transform by Birgit-Zartl-Art Communicate by DOK-FITZ Superstar by azieser 
Communicate by DOK-FITZ thinking of pain relief by kyri-IS-dark BLEU - BLUE by JFBAYLE 

buhne by korrox
<da:thumb id="412912954"/> Tenyersz by vanillapearl Mouais by amiejo 
Tenyersz by vanillapearlWorldwide Photoday - Poznan by LesEssences Dismantling Salvadore One by Captain-BlackHeart 
Dismantling Salvadore One by Captain-BlackHeart Mouais by amiejo Worldwide Photoday - Poznan by LesEssences  
Designs...Of God by j3ff3rson
No Earth, no Moon, just Round... by ansdesign
Untitled by LauraTringaliHolmes November Freeze by lostknightkg Neue Galerie Kassel by MatthiasHaltenhof Lines by Salvas 
Neue Galerie Kassel by MatthiasHaltenhof Beach Ball I by iram Let Me Introduce Myself by CultivatingHonesty Untitled by LauraTringaliHolmes 
Let Me Introduce Myself by CultivatingHonesty Lines by Salvas Beach Ball I by iramthe lady in me by gepardsim  
End of Season by tomsumartin
transcending by FabioKeiner b e f o r e  t h e  r a i n by AlexGrifo  Man at Union Station by jonniedee
Man at Union Station by jonniedee lineup by awjay all along the watchtower by pyros 
lineup by awjay all along the watchtower by pyros  b e f o r e  t h e  r a i n by AlexGrifo 
yol 2 by MeralSarioglu
rays by jonesblachowicz
Kronen by ohlin84
Away 2 by drkshp

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AlexGrifo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
:heart: :heart: :heart:
TCM73 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi :-) (Smile)

Frohes Neues Jahr :-) (Smile)
Vielen Lieben Dank fr das featuring

kayjensen Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Professional Photographer
lovely feature, thank you for add mine :) :hug:
scheinbar Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks so much Floating
Merry Christmas to you
failkat Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013   General Artist
thanks so much <3!!!!
djailledie Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
A very colorful selection! Thanks, Christiane.
chryssalis Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
My dearest Christiane!I'm very honored to be included in your amazing feature,thank you from heart,my friend!!:aww::bow:
There are so many things on my mind these days,I have been neglecting my good friends in DA,but i always love you and think of you,no matter what..
Thank you once again,my dear!:love:
scheinbar Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
don't worry, I hope everything is fine with you :hug:
j3ff3rson Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Thank you very much dear :hug:
vanillapearl Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Thank you very much! :heart: :aww: Amazing collection!
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