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July 28
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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 10:39 PM
Hand by jfdupuis Geronimo by EintoeRn Hand by jfdupuis
Attempt of description by Greyguardian   Attempt of description by Greyguardian
... by golpista schachmatt by aerendial ... by golpista
sdh by dasTOK
the ninth gate by Tom-Ripley the loner by korrox the ninth gate by Tom-Ripley 
On the edge of the world by igorsev Contraposition by SplitEnsds On the edge of the world by igorsev
SUSA X6 by KizukiTamura unsustainable by chriseastmids SUSA X6 by KizukiTamura
Ifrit by lostknightkg
Colibri' by martaraff Mgh IV - St. Georg in the Puddle by DpressedSoul Colibri' by martaraff
im garten IV by ChristianBurtscher PNEUMA - AEGYPTIA by MenervaTau im garten IV by ChristianBurtscher
<da:thumb id="460195965"/> at the window by JakezDaniel <da:thumb id="460195965"/> 
State of mind by everypathtonowhere
<da:thumb id="470636648"/> life philosophy by tuminka <da:thumb id="470636648"/>
Seeing Red Again by SepticSkeptik My Sunny Day, Colour Up by MadGardens Seeing Red Again by SepticSkeptik
a storm of words unspoken by PsycheAnamnesis Blitz by alisinwonder a storm of words unspoken by PsycheAnamnesis
SUSA X5 by KizukiTamura
<da:thumb id="217103841"/> Epalette by siamesesam <da:thumb id="217103841"/>
passant by aerendial Supersquares Smaller by azieser passant by aerendial 
50 Immersions by KizukiTamura Electric Way by CarlosBecerra 50 Immersions by KizukiTamura 
goodbye forever by VesnaSvesna
Bullevole by lombregrise INRI by Maciej-Koniuszy Bullevole by lombregrise
Horizontale by KizukiTamura Motion by RichardLeach Horizontale by KizukiTamura
 Double Face by KizukiTamura 

.gmw. by dasTOK Wanted: Lost Happiness by Izaaaaa .gmw. by dasTOK 
Cold Dream Of An Earth Star by chromevanadium We Free Kings by Pierre-Lagarde Cold Dream Of An Earth Star by chromevanadium 
Symbiosis by Izaaaaa Frozen Land by frenchfox Symbiosis by Izaaaaa
No Sign by tholang
<da:thumb id="470639363"/> <da:thumb id="469157721"/> <da:thumb id="470639363"/>
yellow 6 by ltiana355 leaf edge by stachelpferdchen yellow 6 by ltiana355
Wire by Schnitzelyne G(sq) by popp2 Wire by Schnitzelyne
Acer Davidii - the envy tree by Coigach
Leave The World Behind by Menoevil And where the day was, the likeness of the night by Inextremiss Leave The World Behind by Menoevil
The Beach by DasGhul Les BaT/O by atelier-de-figueline The Beach by DasGhul
pipes 1 by ltiana355 the runner by baspunk pipes 1 by ltiana355
The big wheel by popp2
Wormhole by Abstract-scientist Maschine Brennt by DasGhul Wormhole by Abstract-scientist 
Home Tree - infrared by MichiLauke In my dreams I'm there by mehrmeer Home Tree - infrared by MichiLauke 
Life Forms XI by Art2mys ascent descent by rioMenor Life Forms XI by Art2mys 
Just a Moment by tholang
Untitled 38 by CristianoTeofili Do Me No Harm by tholang Untitled 38 by CristianoTeofili
In Butte County by JillAuville Solar eclips by MushroomBrain In Butte County by JillAuville
Pyronaut by DasGhul Missing by SplitEnsds Pyronaut by DasGhul
2146 by santosam81 the cat by partiallyHere 2146 by santosam81 
Magnificent old stories by AiniTolonen <da:thumb id="468200785"/> Magnificent old stories by AiniTolonen
80's BonoClock, still working by joeyv7 .121. by dasTOK 80's BonoClock, still working by joeyv7
dAID freMDartet II by freMDartet
Life Forms XII by Art2mys Alzbeta by Trepka Life Forms XII by Art2mys 
Untitled by mldzz sky of steel by Tom-Ripley Untitled by mldzz
<da:thumb id="456398496"/> 4 Dots by Poromaa <da:thumb id="456398496"/> 
Il y eut un soir,il y eut un matin by amiejo
Don't Stay by Pierre-Lagarde S476 by CristianoTeofili Don't Stay by Pierre-Lagarde
Industrial Disease by VicEberly Tunnel Vision by Markus43 Industrial Disease by VicEberly
Colliding in mind by Mheely Earthling by Art2mys Colliding in mind by Mheely 

Ein Leben ohne Freude by elzix ladder by aerendial Ein Leben ohne Freude by elzix
Creative Art Gallery by Epytafe Uncle Jack's by hummbuzz Creative Art Gallery by Epytafe
218 by mirrorsinthestreet I'll cry if I want to by partiallyHere 218 by mirrorsinthestreet
introspection by kalivana
The dancer in red. by lomatic ModigliSnape by joeyv7 The dancer in red. by lomatic
". . . Mummy . . ." by joeyv7 Elkapsling by Poromaa ". . . Mummy . . ." by joeyv7
rusted by augenweide 1521 girlmandala by santosam81 rusted by augenweide
so precious is the jagged crown... by beans6677
cast a shadow by partiallyHere reaching out 2 by LittleMine cast a shadow by partiallyHere
Song of the reeds... by ansdesign Life Forms IX by Art2mys Song of the reeds... by ansdesign
another land by ForrestBump orcus by Tom-Ripley another land by ForrestBump
Bilateral Junction by Trippy4U
Amanda's portal by chriseastmids Architecture by jfdupuis Amanda's portal by chriseastmids
Architecture by jfdupuis Luggage by KizukiTamura Architecture by jfdupuis
Luggage by KizukiTamura Amanda's portal by chriseastmids Luggage by KizukiTamura 

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tuminka Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Thank you!!!:hug:
augenweide Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
ein spätes dankeschön... - Schweden war wunderbar...
lostknightkg Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Belated thank you :heart:
Art2mys Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
This is great! :clap:
frenchfox Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Thank you a lot for having selected my work in this lovely gallery , Christiane ! :bow: and sorry for the delay , I am very busy these days ^^;
Lucidin Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
Wow, this is absolutely beautiful! :clap: Thank you so much for the feature and your kind support!! :hug:
JakezDaniel Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014   Photographer
Nice and thanks <3
aerendial Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
amazing journal. :iconclapplz::iconexclamationplz:
lombregrise Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Professional Writer
Danke sehr !
scheinbar Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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