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April 5
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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2014, 11:01 PM
faceless croud by partiallyHere
The Grid by curtis-macdonald
Weave by azieser Prothesis by Acrymat Weave by azieser  
*** by karamelo-serenity Plusbox by azieser *** by karamelo-serenity
Moon by StudioUndertheMoon Prothesis by Acrymat Moon by StudioUndertheMoon
A Forgotten Future by Trippy4U
Tea Time Stories by IzaaaaaColor Lightnings by Pierre-LagardeTea Time Stories by Izaaaaa
Urban Composition (Part 4) by Einsilbig CobraNawak (nawak 34) by OlivierAccart Urban Composition (Part 4) by Einsilbig
rome 101 by AlexGrifo Color Lightnings by Pierre-Lagarde rome 101 by AlexGrifo
Soul Flow by Draken413o
water 20 by AlexGrifo rome 117 by AlexGrifo water 20 by AlexGrifo
Klaatu by lostknightkg time frame by davespertine Klaatu by lostknightkg
Painting 24 by stefanpriscu rome 117 by AlexGrifo Painting 24 by stefanpriscu 
dvs90 by ForrestBump
sleeper by aerendial lines 15 by pyros sleeper by aerendial 
It Crawls by DasGhul MB14  Green MB by Xantipa2 It Crawls by DasGhul
Douro Valley by T1sup lines 15 by pyros Douro Valley by T1sup
Cage for a rose by amiejo
green, green and green by VisitingFahrrad Depressed Queen by novus41 green, green and green by VisitingFahrrad
Untitled by deadendsoul MB2014 ... 50 by Xantipa2 Untitled by deadendsoul
My funeral wedding... by Zewarr Depressed Queen by novus41 My funeral wedding... by Zewarr
Another Way Out by Trippy4U
Can you blame me? by merkero Between the desire and the spasm by AiniTolonen Can you blame me? by merkero 
caught by virtualgadjo Empty feelings... by ansdesign caught by virtualgadjo 
CS 104 by sth22art Between the desire and the spasm by AiniTolonen CS 104 by sth22art 
Voyage sur le Mont Ventoux 2 by mimomon
19 MARS 2014 - SEA LION by JFBAYLE just Another experimental self Portrait of by Me by MushroomBrain 19 MARS 2014 - SEA LION by JFBAYLE 
Lovely Tristesse (Part 6) by Einsilbig Into the Darkness by Cloud-Factory Lovely Tristesse (Part 6) by Einsilbig
Sisters of Fate II by lostknightkg just Another experimental self Portrait of by Me by MushroomBrain Sisters of Fate II by lostknightkg
Winter's Gibbet by newcastlemale
<da:thumb id="440486542"/> Home by MarmosetsOfDoom <da:thumb id="440486542"/>
errr..blur. by lomatic Peur du noir by fredScalliet errr..blur. by lomatic
Peur du noir by fredScalliet Home by MarmosetsOfDoom Peur du noir by fredScalliet 
Via Cavour by mimomon
SHATTERED SEASON by puken Urban Stripes by chromevanadium SHATTERED SEASON by puken 
La source by rdalpes ummm.... by lomatic La source by rdalpes
a new bridge by m-lucia Urban Stripes by chromevanadium a new bridge by m-lucia

Do not follow me by VesnaSvesna do you know what's around the corner? by davespertine Do not follow me by VesnaSvesna
<da:thumb id="441402255"/> The Remains of the Day by martaraff <da:thumb id="441402255"/>
Pedro Paramo by aerendial do you know what's around the corner? by davespertine Pedro Paramo by aerendial
ps170 by Campo-Diaz
Awake by TheGhostVirus About hope - in red by JakezDaniel Awake by TheGhostVirus 
Leave It All by insolitus85 Im hungry by Healzo Leave It All by insolitus85
Bez nazwy by novus41 About hope - in red by JakezDaniel Bez nazwy by novus41
Silent Waters by MarsiaMS
Shadows by artimisso
Shining by neuryt my cathedral by aerendial Shining by neuryt 
Extinguish by AbstractedEyeBirthright by Adherance Extinguish by AbstractedEye 
breathe stockholm blues by chriseastmids my cathedral by aerendial breathe stockholm blues by chriseastmids 
drapery part by fantine9
Mist in the Churchyard with hidden secret by MushroomBrain Woman Holding Banner by merpagigglesnort Mist in the Churchyard with hidden secret by MushroomBrain 
After hours by jvgauthier RBT25 (shade of a nameless useless man) by thergothon After hours by jvgauthier
Freefall by saperlipop Woman Holding Banner by merpagigglesnort Freefall by saperlipop
On The Way Home by DouglasHumphries
Untitled 37 by CristianoTeofili <da:thumb id="107485923"/> Untitled 37 by CristianoTeofili 
wars by aerendial Snow3 by ltiana355 wars by aerendial
Capela dos Ossos II by Epytafe <da:thumb id="107485923"/> Capela dos Ossos II by Epytafe
 Dead Fish by alireza1
Broken.... by katiousa15 <da:thumb id="340010625"/> Broken.... by katiousa15
Gone With the Wind 5 by Bibire Two Sisters for Canan by saperlipop Gone With the Wind 5 by Bibire 
Asphyxia III by MarinaCoric <da:thumb id="340010625"/> Asphyxia III by MarinaCoric
B by peinturealuile
<da:thumb id="441845337"/> la caverne by hesounolen <da:thumb id="441845337"/>
TulipHead by joeyv7 Tea or Coffee? by dinabelenko TulipHead by joeyv7 
Hybrid by CristianoTeofili la caverne by hesounolen Hybrid by CristianoTeofili
Wired 7 by VicEberly
lines 05 by pyros Jedburgh Abbey 2 by newcastlemale lines 05 by pyros 
Dirty Window 7 by ltiana355 Willpower by CristianoTeofili Dirty Window 7 by ltiana355 
Paths to nowhere... by katiousa15 Jedburgh Abbey 2 by newcastlemale Paths to nowhere... by katiousa15 
Mourning Love by Trippy4U
Just a Tree by HorstSchmier flights of fancy by lomatic Just a Tree by HorstSchmier 
stockeur 24-10... by beans6677 soundbloom by FabioKeiner stockeur 24-10... by beans6677 
Enter The Dragon by WaltonZoO flights of fancy by lomatic Enter The Dragon by WaltonZoO 
Late Is the Hour by Poromaa
CLiMAX 127 by GregorKerle The Core Is Void by thergothon CLiMAX 127 by GregorKerle 
ARTI by NormaPatridis The world is an artichoke by La-Tete-Ailleurs ARTI by NormaPatridis 
<da:thumb id="438979668"/> The Core Is Void by thergothon <da:thumb id="438979668"/> 
Le mur du son by mimomon
jail by aerendial lirycal by CocoaDesert jail by aerendial 
Reach My Way by KizukiTamura Untitled by thergothon Reach My Way by KizukiTamura 
...l'infinita vanita' del tutto by dermamred lirycal by CocoaDesert ...l'infinita vanita' del tutto by dermamred 
without you by augenweide
Lokasenna by midgardart Now And Forever by visionart Lokasenna by midgardart 
Abstract Wood by bindii I'm half dead already... by kvnvk Abstract Wood by bindii 
not your saviour by BlauBeerKuchen Now And Forever by visionart not your saviour by BlauBeerKuchen 
Forgiveness by OutsideFate
wind songs by FabioKeiner Lines by midgardart wind songs by FabioKeiner 
Institution by Twitchtic Between the motion and the act by AiniTolonen Institution by Twitchtic 
Blue C by KizukiTamura Lines by midgardart Blue C by KizukiTamura 
I'm not a saint by midgardart
Fishing by KizukiTamura Bleeding by KizukiTamura  
The war is over by Loucos
.the calm before the storm. by naikki

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VisitingFahrrad Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
A wonderful feature, thank you so much for including me in it .... :iconflyingheartsplz:
Einsilbig Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Danke, Christiane..
Viel zutun derzeit : /
chriseastmids Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
such wonderful features Christiane, todays is beautiful in a very artisic way, its made my day to be honest with you :hug:
insolitus85 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
so many beautiful pieces :love:
lomatic Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you Christiane
AlexGrifo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
...thank you so much, dear friend :heart:
azieser Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for featuring my works! :) :hug:
Andaelentari Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
oh well done! :clap:
scheinbar Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
joeyv7 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
:aww:Hearts :aww:
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