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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 4:57 AM
 Infinity II by NiDiMe
the Path by DanNeamu
the space between... by kvnvk October Moon by Versatis the space between... by kvnvk
<da:thumb id="423341231"/> La Mer by MadGardens <da:thumb id="423341231"/>
Vapour by sycamores-and-cedars cloister spy by virtualgadjo Vapour by sycamores-and-cedars 
Falling leaves I by Ani-ko

Home AgainLocked doors.  "Sold" sign.  Broken window.

Reflets by peinturealuile
BlueMoon River by Anguis-IX piano lessons and self portrait by KizukiTamura BlueMoon River by Anguis-IX
Untitled by alisinwonder DOMESTIC STRANGER (edit) by chryssalis Untitled by alisinwonder
Untitled by JFBAYLE FreeFalling by HelloDearThomas Untitled by JFBAYLE 
Drama Series 10 by HelloDearThomas
double trio by wchild
004 by pyros __ by windrides 004 by pyros
Trees Of Life II by cameraflou Crevice by Einsilbig Trees Of Life II by cameraflou 
The Topograhy Of My Heart by crazyruthie Winter Dancer II by lostknightkg  The Topograhy Of My Heart by crazyruthie 
In the iron forest by arteandreas
Sign of the end by Quoriil
Hidden objects. by katiousa15 Melancholia by gelgezek Emperor by martaraff
Melancholia by gelgezek Emperor by martaraff CAPTURE... by chryssalis
Surprise Its A Grimm by raamon CAPTURE... by chryssalis Murdered Dreams... by katiousa15
My Iron Lung by BlindEyeTwist
Zlogo by azieser
Moleskine No.01252014 by yagey without you i`m nothing. by lichtrefle-x Tom Hiddleston by Tuskface
without you i`m nothing. by lichtrefle-x Hope For 2014 by jojo22 The change is in my hands by Mheely
Hope For 2014 by jojo22 Moleskine No.01252014 by yagey knock...knock... by DanielGrzeszkiewicz
Leda by schachay
Flying Fish by catch---22
Beyond Return by ParallelDeviant .PP. by dasTOK Beyond Return by ParallelDeviant
... by lerui never forgive me, never forget me. by Hamish-Frost ... by lerui
Fracture by KizukiTamura a hell of my own making... by kvnvk Fracture by KizukiTamura 
journal 01 by kurkia
Arctiq by chromevanadium
Untitled by jonniedee One Way or Another by Tordo Untitled by jonniedee
Ton gout de framboise by JakezDaniel UNDERWATER HILL by puken Ton gout de framboise by JakezDaniel
13.035 by Cadiou Breath by AiniTolonen 13.035 by Cadiou 
Chains of Freedom by Canankk
Everything Is Broken by Trippy4U
Kiss Me! by tholang melancholic II by nen-lalaith Kiss Me! by tholang
Binaural by arctoa Redukt by Art2mys Binaural by arctoa
La Foret XXXIX by siamesesam <da:thumb id="421040115"/> La Foret XXXIX by siamesesam 
Winters Soul by DanStefan

My Good Side by VicEberly Night vision in Minor by AiniTolonen My Good Side by VicEberly
SpringOffering by lien Lament by Oer-Wout SpringOffering by lien
*** by karamelo-serenity Polar Navigation by hummbuzz *** by karamelo-serenity
open your eyes II by iram
Eternal Winter by Metal-Bender
R by iram the eye of the tumble drier by davespertine R by iram 
Chasing the Wind I by Epytafe Norekdal by Fassod Chasing the Wind I by Epytafe 
the light that would fade by LostOneself Rue 7 by DasGhul the light that would fade by LostOneself 
Raven by luisbc
Nothing behind you, nothing in sight by myraincheck
The diary. (2014) by Netliya Time report (the world is very old) by Izaaaaa Nightglow by offermoord
Time report (the world is very old) by Izaaaaa Geometry by plusch Paraphrase by arteandreas
Geometry by plusch The diary. (2014) by Netliya Bosphorus Fishermen by Canankk
Acr37 by Campo-Diaz
Comme un arc tendu by amiejo
ne pas se retourner by veroklotz left all behind by ra-gro ne pas se retourner by veroklotz
escape or return by morgondotter 3011 by donmezerm escape or return by morgondotter 
Digital city by bwiti Old Time Fashion by jonniedee Digital city by bwiti
STEPS who swallowed the sun by R9A
Dezamblanzirea by AlexandrinaAna
Untitled 10-second portrait by lconverse the Frenchman by Ralu77 At the Window by LindelCaine
the Frenchman by Ralu77 through the void by R9A The Dark Scent by Birgit-Zartl-Art
through the void by R9A Untitled 10-second portrait by lconverse Inspiration by SheerHeart
Untitled by alisinwonder
Le mur du son by mimomon
Unrestrained Happy Dancing by MadGardens Der Winkel by feigenfrucht Blocks2 by DilanSarioglu
Der Winkel by feigenfrucht I feel fantastic by Birgit-Zartl-Art isolation by chriseastmids
I feel fantastic by Birgit-Zartl-Art Unrestrained Happy Dancing by MadGardens Ulises by Bibire
Angels by martaraff
harmonic thoughts by aerendial
The listener, who listens in the snow by mehrmeer Trunks by JillAuville Nothing Remarkable to Observe by ebbing-gale
Trunks by JillAuville Shades of Dawn by LindelCaine Ps159 by Campo-Diaz
Shades of Dawn by LindelCaine The listener, who listens in the snow by mehrmeer I_..OO.._I by RonnyEngelmann
Renard and Momotte by saperlipop
Shadows of a Broken HomeShe burned the last family photo. 
Bucket List by DianaVVolf
ID 2 by fantom125
deep mourning by augenweide L U N G S by aerendial deep mourning by augenweide
Raging Storm by WTek79 School stuff by Unique0Me Raging Storm by WTek79
Fade into darkness by lostknightkg Darker  Blue by sycamores-and-cedars Fade into darkness by lostknightkg
B by aanddraa
the grey and blue by NikolasBrummer
  kundalini's kiss by FabioKeiner A14 by keinziel kundalini's kiss by FabioKeiner
176 by ayla-es Awakening of a World by OlivierAccart 176 by ayla-es
Feeling Incomplete by Ragnar949 laceration by Greyguardian Feeling Incomplete by Ragnar949 
Forgiveness by DanielDikovart
Run! by lomatic
Involuntary Thought by Fassod With a million Faces by MushroomBrain Involuntary Thought by Fassod 
Hesitation. by CopperColour Bitches by Izaaaaa Hesitation. by CopperColour
Fantosa by a14onymus Navigator by dick-allowatt Fantosa by a14onymus 
Escape by Greyguardian
Through the Trees by Sartre442
<da:thumb id="429151574"/> Observatory by thergothon <da:thumb id="429151574"/>
Road to nothingness by VesnaSvesna 79 by farzadonline Road to nothingness by VesnaSvesna
Fish and Dreams by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS The World As We Don't Know It by voxhunden Fish and Dreams by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS 
eternity by CosmicKat
Depot by ForlornTreasures
Le grand bouquet by Malahicha We turn into children, with donkey tales and ears by anaPhenix Le grand bouquet by Malahicha
Hidden thoughts #6 by d-s-foto the sin X - the world - by devllaa Hidden thoughts #6 by d-s-foto
nightbricks.2 by jonesblachowicz <da:thumb id="429560875"/> nightbricks.2 by jonesblachowicz 
ice variation no.6 by laeksa-red
The Way We Were...Try To Remember by LUCILALEYLA
visionary by davespertine Tipping point by kingwen visionary by davespertine 
J by davespertine Surviving Underwater by HMissXX J by davespertine 
unfold by deadendsoul 15. Juni 2013 IV by Filterkaffee unfold by deadendsoul 
new sound - 'disowned' by potworow
slope by awjay
Wanderings by DpressedSoul holes (2) by ForrestBump Wanderings by DpressedSoul
St G by Megalithicmatt Agave Abstract 8 by joannakossak St G by Megalithicmatt 
Lick by freMDartet holes (2) by ForrestBump Lick by freMDartet 
More recent by cholifdown with the sickness by Andaelentari
Between Two Waters by partiallyHereLevitation. by TitusTidus

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Great conception! Thank you, for adding me.
DilanSarioglu Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Thank you so much Christiane! You put so many different types of works together so perfectly. They seem like a new work! And I'm happy to be a part of it. :hug:
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