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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:21 AM
AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2 Perfection On The Brick Wall by skarzynscy AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2
Ablaze by Anguis-IX Queen of my silent suffocation... by ansdesign Ablaze by Anguis-IX 
 <da:thumb id="447082182"/>  
The Other SideBehind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.
Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.
Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.
Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.

Behind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.

Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.

Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.

Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.
New Dawn in Giza by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod New Dawn in Giza by Fassod
St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod 
Trees And Sea by Twitchtic Walking On Water by Twitchtic Trees And Sea by Twitchtic  
Hydrangea ::: by katworks
Happy B.Christiane by MeralSariogluRenaissance by Canankk
Tail Flip by Metal-Bender
Nawakomobile by fredScalliet Night Feather... by ansdesign Nawakomobile by fredScalliet 
tongues by virtualgadjo cranes in fog by sandpiper764 tongues by virtualgadjo
rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts A perfect day II by lostknightkg rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts
Here to Stay by BlindEyeTwist
L'eminence grise by VersatisTreasure Map by Izaaaaa
Room 27 by steve2727
Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee escape the planet by nex Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee
Hybrid by Senecal Aqua haeret by martaraff Hybrid by Senecal
infinite by karamelo-serenity OXOX by freMDartet infinite by karamelo-serenity
We Need To Find Another Way Out by steve2727
slow decay by R9Adreaming face by joeyv7
arsenal by steve2727
Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee MB14  3D Abstract ... 102 by Xantipa2 Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee  
All Work No Play by Poromaa Return to the Sea by mj-magic All Work No Play by Poromaa 
in threes by Nilanja 07 AVRIL 2014 - HAIR by JFBAYLE in threes by Nilanja 
The Window 1 by Bibire
Summer Day by Ralu77.ZZ. by dasTOK
April morning magic by jchanders
Self, April 2014 by wchild We are the hollow men by AiniTolonen Self, April 2014 by wchild 
Bright12 by ltiana355 Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Christiane... by ansdesign Bright12 by ltiana355 
red letter day by davespertine Trapped by Tooga red letter day by davespertine 
Ping Pong by DasGhul
THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL by NataliaDrepinaf.obia by numanalkan
G-Motor by KPEKEP
Wild by youreyestellies Concentration Towards the Void 02 by HorstSchmier Wild by youreyestellies 
By The Sea by Ragnar949 step into a dream II by ra-gro By The Sea by Ragnar949 
Orange by djailledie Mg 2708 by AlexvsWorld Orange by djailledie 
Daybreak Dreamer by veeegeee
Ecliptical Orbitation 19.7 by Senecalfaithful by baspunk
Goose and I by MushroomBrain 
Roots and wings by martaraff Trinity by lostknightkg Roots and wings by martaraff 
The First Roundup by Tordo Charcoal study, detail by jane-beata The First Roundup by Tordo 
Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 02 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier
Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale
Deodata by AlexandrinaAna
our homes disappeared overnight. by Hamish-Frost
Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier SALT.Y by EintoeRn Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier 
Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura Leading by SevimDalan Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura 
Black Star by martaraff a hell of my own making... by kvnvk Black Star by martaraff 
.labyrinth lost. by naikki
contract by RichardLeachMirror by IsisMarinho
Water by annewipf
ascent descent by rioMenor An Empty Thought by OrdinaryFella ascent descent by rioMenor
Deep Water by KizukiTamura Two Girls In Dreams by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Deep Water by KizukiTamura
red wall... by m-lucia picking by crazyruthie red wall... by m-lucia 
a r o m a t i c by creativemikey
Cropland... by ansdesignb r i g h t l y by creativemikey
The Century of The Emotions by AlexandrinaAna
melancholy by augenweide MUSTCATCHES SERIE - 3 by JFBAYLE melancholy by augenweide
a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere Rise Above by BeautifulDisasterIam a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere 
dusk by FabioKeiner <da:thumb id="444691646"/> dusk by FabioKeiner
1 by cananunal
Magic Lamp by MadGardensBrightest Dark by RaVeNuS9
Aspiring by MatsHolmberg
waiting 2 by virtualgadjo f u n d a m e n t by KizukiTamura waiting 2 by virtualgadjo
golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter <da:thumb id="445326459"/> golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter
Der Gang by feigenfrucht <da:thumb id="444009886"/> Der Gang by feigenfrucht 
Ironwheel by FlorianHebel
End It by ebbing-galeJust Pure Natural Beauty by MushroomBrain
Not-Banksy rld 03 dasm by richardldixon
Fragile by MiSt-Stavi *** by oprisco Fragile by MiSt-Stavi 
I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna engulf by davespertine I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna 
Reversible Sphere by Bibire Under the bubbles by Hengki24 Reversible Sphere by Bibire 
nightimpressions1 by kvnvk
Salida del pueblo3 by TeresaClark Anonymous son by djailledie 
Lonely Way by MissGrib
<da:thumb id="310133171"/> 31 MARS 2014 - BLUE PAIN by JFBAYLE <da:thumb id="310133171"/>
siesta by aerendial B-Minor by Poromaa siesta by aerendial 
<da:thumb id="444034738"/> Between the essence and the descent by AiniTolonen <da:thumb id="444034738"/>
The Colors of Winter by ChiFeng-dA
Neon Gods by Z-GrimV Camdan Ote Bir Hayal by manyakkuzu 
Small-polyp-hardcoral by FlorianHebel
Pupilla by Einsilbig The softness of a Blue Dream by WhiteBook Pupilla by Einsilbig
Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella Birdcage by MalKnox Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella
Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet la sirene et la nuit by partiallyHere Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet 
n o c t u r n e s by creativemikey
Me voici by mimomon Abstract by AlexandrinaAna 
la vie en rose by aerendial
31.3.2014 (SOLD) by Acrymat <da:thumb id="443761019"/> 31.3.2014 (SOLD) by Acrymat
A Taste of Salt by merkero are you there? by ra-gro A Taste of Salt by merkero
Blurred Lines by insolitus85 Ghoul and the Mechanics by DasGhul Blurred Lines by insolitus85
Until eternity... by ansdesign
Isolate by SheerHeart claustrophobia by JoanLlado 
Autobahn 2 by feigenfrucht
A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart
lost in fog by augenweide the rainbows you gave me by akthuro lost in fog by augenweide 
<da:thumb id="443381741"/> House of Ash by Poromaa <da:thumb id="443381741"/>
Getrimmte Natur by feigenfrucht
<da:thumb id="433757678"/> caught by virtualgadjo <da:thumb id="433757678"/>
Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa

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steve2727 Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Beauty is all around!
Tordo Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ragnar949 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
I've been gone a couple of weeks and I am pleased to find this journal.  I appreciate the inclusion.
scheinbar Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:hug: hope you had a nice time
Ragnar949 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
For the most part I did....except when sitting or standing.;) (Wink)   My back was "out."  No big deal, I am used to it .
scheinbar Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ragnar949 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
There's nothing to be sad about, it's just how it is.
sandpiper764 Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Amazing collection, and many thanks for including my work! :love:
WhiteBook Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014
Thank you so much for featuring my work in this beautiful collection :heart:
mimomon Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
Thanks, Christiane, for "Me voici"
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